How to contribute to .

is an inclusive open source project. In general terms, we welcome every one without distinction. Just stop by and let's have a talk

Preparing for your code contribution

While we appreciate spontaneous code contributions, it's a good practice to talk to us before doing something bigger than a few small bug fixes, specially if it's about a new feature. The reason is simple: we would like to discuss with you the best approach to tackle the problem. Also, we might already have started some coding around a similar feature, or we might have this feature in the roadmap already, with our ideas. Combining our ideas with your ideas is certainly the ideal scenario!

Non-code contribution

We also welcome non-code contributions, such as design ideas, feature requests, documentation writing/review and so on. We are specially thankful for feedback on real usage of : if you have an instance running somewhere, let us know. We promise not to tell anyone if you don't want us to, but we'd really benefit from having some info from you, specially regarding the performance. Contact us on our chat server and we'll follow up with you privately.